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Hi there all you lovely cool cats and beer boozers it’s me your boy Jordan Indigo Isaac Vos and I’m back with a blog. Today I will be reviewing Big Sip’s Mini Fest. 

Think of a scaled back Oktoberfest to meet COVID-19 regulations set on a warm summer’s day in Gaborone Botswana. The mood was festive, the stores were 100% local and the beer was flowing.

With Golden Ale (a crowd favourite), Kölsch, Mandarina and Citrillo IPA on tap; Big Sip Co. kept the mood on lock (this is a colloquial term used among younger generations to elaborate the successful efforts involved in keeping something going). The mood was relatively laid back and casual until the Stout keg was brought out – after that it was a flittering fluttering frenzy of beer lovers all salivating to get their eco-cups filled with the dark temptation that is Big Sip’s Session Stout.

Ever the considerate hosts, Big Sip Co and Zest made sure to cater to the non-alcohol drinking festival goers with Divine Marula slushies and lavishly garnished gemere mocktails from Just Ginger. Big Sip Co.’s efforts to cultivate and encourage a custom of buying local was without a doubt the main focus of Mini Fest. Emphasis was placed on the importance of supporting local enterprises. 

The festival was brimming with fully Tswana conceptualized, run and owned businesses from all industries. From Glotto offering the festival patrons a refreshing approach to the pairing of a “logo” t-shirt (seen on several cool kids) with corduroy shorts to Hicksons Hot Sauces creating lasting memories on the palettes of all who tasted their sweet and sour peach flavoured hot sauce. The selection of stalls was expansive enough to cover everything from your pantry to your wardrobe, I would however like to see some Tswana-forged jewellery and perhaps a bespoke plush toys maker for the kiddies next time round.

I hear your bellies rumbling, so before I conclude this overall review; the food was simply scrumptious. Zest had our backs and tummies. Those chicken filet strips with their sticky sweet and sour secret sauce go down so well every time! Not to mention their black bean and guacamole hard-shell tacos – what a crunch! (Brisket made with Stout & Houli whole chicken)

Overall I give Big Sip Mini Fest an 11 out of 10. They get that extra one point for keeping the beer flowing, maintaining neat and tidy premises at all times and providing a safe atmosphere for Gaborone city dwellers to relax and recenter themselves.

I hope this review of Big Sips & Zests Mini Fest experience will bring you out for the next one; until then cheers, ganbei and ayeye!


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