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Hi there guys it’s me Jordan and I’m back with my third blog. Today we will be looking at my top three favorite Big Sip Co. craft beers namely; the Session Stout, the Golden Ale aka “blonde ale” and the Citrillo Indian Pale Ale and how best to experience them in the comfort of your own home. 

Before we pour into this blog, I’d like to disclaim that I was unaware that beer could be enjoyed as the star of the show such as the likes of wine and gin. Since learning about Big Sip Co. and joining this lovely family I have learned to appreciate craft beer in all of its entirety. Craft Beer is so much more than just drinking to cool off or taste the hops: It is an experience waiting to be savored and shared with your friends and family. 

As someone who wasn’t aware of the infinite taste pairing possibilities of food and beer I’d like to share some newfound knowledge with you. For this blog all you will need is a few of the aforementioned Big Sip Co. craft beers and a handful of ingredients that I’m sure you have stored away in your kitchen cupboards or pantry; if not, I’ve no doubt you can find them at your local grocer too. 

In no particular order (this is a lie, I have thought about how to structure this blog for several hours now and I’ve chosen to place my absolute all time favorite Big Sip Co. craft beer at the top of my tasting and pairing list) we’ll kick this breakdown off with the Session Stout.

stoutAromatic, dark and voluptuous are synonymous with Big Sip Co.’s Session Stout. The moderate roasted malts are reminiscent of espresso and dark chocolate giving it a decadent aroma which is easily recognized by it’s slightly burnt taste giving it a medium bitterness with a dry finish. In a nutshell, the Session Stout is by comparison the Oud Noir of the beer world – bold, mysterious and tempestuous. 

Owing to it’s creamy mouthful and medium carbonation, the Session Stout is best appreciated with rich full-bodied flavors such as chocolate, cream cheese, buttery roasts, muscadel sugar and blue cheese. For the bold who are wanting a beer brunch I would recommend smothering a stack of warm waffles with Nutella, cream cheese frosting and fresh fruit paired with the Session Stout. 

Later on in your day for lunch or dinner you might want to roast a chicken, char a rack of ribs or sear a ribeye and smear it in a thick creamy garlic sauce and enjoy it with your Session Stout. It is also important to retain knowledge of beer and cheese – they go delectably well together and the Session Stout is best enjoyed with Colby, Feta or Manchego – think strong!

Next on the pairing list we have the Golden Ale otherwise known as the Blonde Ale – fitting as I am naturally blonde and I am told I add a light and playful touch to the Big Sip Co. family just like the beer!

With an approachable nature and interesting fruity, hoppy and malty notes the Golden Ale is a typical American style craft beer. Soft and sweet are her initial caramelly impressions followed by a deeper sincerity of citrusy notes. 

goden aleThanks to her medium body, she is smooth without being heavy which makes her the perfect companion for tasty street-style foods with emphasis on a bit of grease and butter. 

Golden Ale is the ideal partner for a brunch of avo on toast with a poached egg and drizzle of sriracha. For a lunch or dinner you would do well to serve your cheeseburgers and tacos with a pint of Big Sip Co.’s Golden Ale – her moderate fruity aroma makes her smooth enough to cut through the greasiness, yet strong enough to offer a new flavor dynamic. When it comes to cheese and the Golden Ale you want to think less pungent than the pairings offered with the Session Stout, ie; Brie, Edam and pepper Jack.

Lastly on our list today we have the Big Sip Co. Citrillo Indian Pale Ale which is personally one of my favorites because it is one of the stronger Big Sip Co. brews. You know, something a little stronger for those days that just need one. 

An overall impression which is decidedly hoppy and bitter, the Citrillo IPA is moderately strong and showcases modern hops with a clean fermentation and dryer finish. I like to think of the Citrillo IPA as the no-nonsense older sister of the Golden Ale – with an aroma of slightly spicy citrus and tropical fruit the alcohol note is kept restrained. This brew means business…

Big Sip CitrilloThe Citrillo IPA has a medium hop flavor reflecting modern hops of citrus and spice merging with a low and clean malt flavor making it an ideal match for heavier, spicier meals like curries, grills and barbecues. 

Starting your day off with a healthy brunch of spicy breakfast tacos, fried chicken and waffles or a cowboy skillet hash, the IPA with it’s medium carbonation should pair back the bulkier meals and keep you feeling refreshed and satisfied without making you feel gluttonous. Lunch and dinner dates with the Citrillo IPA are my all time favorite as I can go all out! Curries, grilled meats and sticky Buffalo wings are always a deal maker in my books. Due to the dryer finish and clean supporting malt in the Citrillo IPA cheeses like Asiago, Colby, Double Gloucester, Parmesan and Bleu Cheese are enjoyed most. 

Now that you’ve read all about the best way to enjoy my top three Big Sip Co. Craft Beers, you better be planning your next dinner party. Thank you for reading, until next time; cheers, ganbei and ayeye!

–JIIVbuffallo Big Sip

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